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To make a prefect reproduction dataplate you need more then a production capacity. A good feeling for proportion and a technical background in combination with a knowledge in lettering is very important. And owning a jeep will give that extra touch and attention to detail and affinity for this subject, which is indispensable before starting a dataplate reproduction project like this.  

To be as accurate as possible I have acquired original dataplates, just for studying the correct material, production methods and letter styles. The fonts used 60 years ago are not the same as these days. I have redrawn these fonts in detail to be sure of a 100% accurate reproduction.

The metals used are chosen to be as close as possible to the original dataplates. By example the Willys dataplates, after mid 1942 Willys started to use zinc instead of brass. The metal brass was destineted to have a more important  part in WWII history (ammunition). After the use of brass Wilys started to use zinc, which was a less expensive metal. A remarkable detail is that the Willys used zinc dataplates for their preproduction series Willys MA. The other preproductions Jeeps, the Bantam BRT and Ford GP, did use brass

Many reproduction dataplates are made of aluminum instead of the correct metal, zinc. Also the technique used are often not correct. Repeatedly reproduction companies use a letter-presse or silk-screen print technique. Both are not correct, because the procede used was the etching technique. This technique gives that special apperience which is so recognizable for a original dataplate.

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