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The Art of dataplates                             

Dataplates are the soul of a Jeep, like a birth certificate. It tell  you "when and were is my Jeep born".

Lucky you if your Jeep has still the frame plate attached on the Jeep  (Willys) or the serialnumber stamped in the frame (Ford), or the origianal dataplates on the dashboarddoor.

Alas sometimes the plates are damaged or lost. In that case you would like to have a set of plates which come as close as possible to the original.

I am not just an other Jeep dealer selling dataplates  as just an other jeep part. While not able to buy the correct plate, I started to make my own plates. The  plates I make are not made in large amounts. I prefer quality above quantity.

Jeep restorings these days are of a much higher level then in the past. Jeep owners also want a higher level of quality parts.  This in mind and also from own experience, I have created these dataplates. 


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