Introduction page

My RC Jeep project
(still under construction)

This is my RC Jeep project, already started some years ago. The pictures as shown below are with a SOTW jeep body. The bottom is removed and will be replaced with an or wooden bottom or alumnium one, which I already made.
The transmission will be or the Bruiser 3-speed transmission or the newer 3-speed Tamiya transmission with a RC4WD  Killer Transfer Case .
At this moment  I also bought a Dragon Willys MB jeep with I already partly did took apart to see if I can use it instead of the SOTW Jeep.
The rubber tires are SOTW, which I think are the best thusfar to use. The wheels are a professionally made split rim, just like the original ones. The 2 parts are bolded together with screws and nuts.
For the axels I first wanted to use the Tamiya Bruiser axels but the plans now are to make them myself, close to the original axels.
The frame is a machined aluminium U-profile.
Other aparts are casted brass like the bumber gussets and such.
Will be continued.

My first attempt to make a frame. This is a wooden frame and is alreay replaced by an aluminium one

The following pictures are a test fitting with the Dragon jeep body

This is the position how the tamiya Bruiser 3-speed transmission will be fitted.
Some parts are not ready yet and some parts are made of wood for the moment,
but will be replaced with aluminium parts

Brass casted front bumber gussets

Brass casted spring mountings

Test fitting for the oil damper

An other view

Allthought the following pictures do not show a front axle the Jeep will be 4 wheel drive