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NEW!! Correct rivets for brass and steel/aluminium Ford GPW Dataplates
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Attaching Hardware


After spending so much time and money on my jeep restoration, I was disappointed on the quality of reproduction data plates available on the market. So I did my own research on the subject and I decided to make my own data plates. The more I discovered on the different styles of plates, the lettering types, the changes, and materials used in WWII, the more fascinated I became by the subject. I also began to realize from other collectors that there was a general frustration in not being able to get reproduction plates to match the high standard of their jeep restorations. 

So now I have studied and reproduced already many different styles of data plates. These plates are absolutely 100% correct for the WWII MB/GPW jeep. I used the exact materials, in the right thickness, and the same letter style as on originals.

The fonts are not ready made fonts from the computer, but every letter is redrawn from original plates. These are absolutely the best you can get, you restoration deserves the little extra attention to detail that these data plate will bring.

Please ejoy this website, if you like the read all info about dataplates in chronological sequence clic on the little jeep. Or if you like to see what other people writes about my dataplates, look at feedback


If you have an picture of an original dataplate; Willys MA, Ford GP, Bantam BRC, Willys MB, Ford GPW, Trailers or Early Willys CJ2-A, please send it to me and you will receive a free set of miniplates from me!

"An old jeep guru once advised me that the two places you'll get the greatest amount of looking at are the Data Plates and the gauges. Even if they can't see under your hood, they will eyeball your plates and the gauges you have.....and if they are correct, you are lookin' good......"