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Body Serial Numbers by American Central Manufacturing


Willys MA and MB (standard & composite) and Ford GPW composite bodies were made by American Central Manufacturing (ACM). Ford had a own production for their early bodies. Willys did use the ACM bodies for their early and late bodies. The early ACM bodies can be identified by the round depression for the tool locker latch, while the Ford GPW had a rectangular depression. 

Body numbers are stamped on the left body gusset. The early body had a triangular toe board gusset with the number stamped on the left side, the gussets on the composite bodies had rounded corners with the number stamped at the front . 

Byuing m forla you are able to calculate an approximate serialnumber. Impont is ofcource that the body of your jeep is the original boby

1941 1942 1943 1944 1945
januari 11200 102000 1600 183000
18400 108000 8000 200000
march 25000 118000 30000 215000
april 32000 129000 45000 230000
may 42000 139000 60000 238000
june 49000 147000 75000 247000
july 57000 155000 91000 259000
augustus 65000 163000 115000 262000
september 71800 169000 130000
october 81000 179000 145000
november 2000 88000 187000 157000
december 3500
97000 194000 168000
Change from one month to an other is approximate
Early type body, only Willys MB
Late type body,
Willys MB & Approximate Ford GPW

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