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Original mounting plate:




original plate:

I have the correct attaching hardware for this plate

Looking for a perfect reproduction of the Braden J2 mounting plate

Mike Stopforths has reproduced a perfect repro of the Braden J2 mounting plate.

In every detail the same as the original mounting plate.
Ofcource this mounting plate comes with one of my reproductions Capstan winch plates

Click on the picture below for more info


If you have an picture of an original dataplate; Willys MA, Ford GP, Bantam BRC, Willys MB, Ford GPW, Trailers or Early Willys CJ2-A, please send it to me and you will receive a free set of miniplates from me!

"An old jeep guru once advised me that the two places you'll get the greatest amount of looking at are the Data Plates and the gauges. Even if they can't see under your hood, they will eyeball your plates and the gauges you have.....and if they are correct, you are lookin' good......"

"The bitterness of poor quality lingers long after the sweetness of the lowest price has faded"

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