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Already made many, many hundreds of sets and other plates for satisfied Jeep owners all around the world!, like The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Spain, Portugal, England, Wales, Scotland, Germany, Russia, Japan,  Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Greece, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, New Zealand, Australia, India, Uraguay, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, USA, Canada, Thailand, French Polynesia, Slowakia,  etc.

This is only a selection of the feedback from happy jeepers!

Damon from the USA
Ford GPW plates
Dear Robert,

   We have received the data plates you sent for our Ford GPW Jeep.  I would like to take the opportunity to extend to you my sincerest compliments.  They are exact in every respect and I really appreciate your attention to detail.  Thank you very much.  I will need a few other things later and will be in touch, as is appropriate.


Peter from the UK
Ford GPW
data plates
Hello Robert, 

I thought you would like to know that the Data Plates have arrived all safe & sound with me today.

Firstly can I say how impressed I was with the way you have packaged them to prevent any possible damage during transit, really great.

Upon opening the packaging… well what can I say… you must really enjoy producing these Data Plates as it shows in the quality of your work, you certainly make a really superb product, fantastic quality, the best Data Plates that I’ve seen they will really add that special finishing touch to my refurbished Jeep once their installed. May I take this opportunity to congratulate you on your attention to detail using the stamps with the correct font for recreating the stamping to match how they were supplied by the factory, brilliant. 

Thanks again for all your help with producing these Data Plates for my Jeep, once I have my Jeep back & have them installed I’ll send some picture through if you’re interested. I will certainly be recommending your Data Plates to other people that appreciate a quality product & will recommend them to view your web site.

Let’s keep the history alive.

Best regards

Jeff from the USA
Willys MB plates
Hi Robert,

Just want to let you know that I got all of my tags today and I can't tell you how pleased I am to get them.  I appreciate your artistic contribution to the jeep community.
At your service,


Matt from the USA
Willys MB plates
Received the plates over the weekend.  Excellent work!  I am very impressed!

Thank you again!

Best regards,
Bill from the USA
Willys MB plates
Received the Data Plates today.  Thank you!  THEY ARE GREAT!!
Johan from South-Africa Robert

Just a quick thank you for the plates. I received them today.

These are absolutely out of this world. I am so glad that you made them.
I have no words to describe the quality of your data plates.
You are truely an artist. These plates will forever be a focus point in my Jeep.

Whenever I get some other people inquiring, be sure to know that I will recommend you without even having to think about it.

They will go onto the jeep this coming weekend.

thank you again
Keep well
Ronnie from the
Ford GPW
data plates
Hi Robert,
Got my Data plates today. They look fantastic!!!.. Thank you very much, waiting for the weekend to install them. And thank you for the correct rivets.  makes things a lot easier..
Again Thank you,
Nick from the UK
Willys MB
data plates
Arrived this morning. They look fantastic! Far better than anything else available on the market.Many thanks. 
Mike from Italy 
Willys MB
data plate
Today I received your plates! are fantastic!
thanks so much!
Mike from the US
M38 plates 
Hello Robert

The parcel arrived. The plates look very nice! (as always). I tell everyone about you.

Thanks again,

John from the UK
Willys MB
data plates
Hi Robert,

Received my package today and I can say that I am extremely pleased with what you have supplied, thank you very much indeed.

Paul from the US
Ford GPW
data plate

I received the data plates and was very pleased with your work on them.  I will recommend you to others in our Military Vehicle Club  (AR MVPA).
Thanks, Paul
Frank from the US
MB data plates
Hello Robert, I got the data plates, great job !!! thank you !!!!......I love them !!
Joel from the US
Willys MB
data plates
Package arrived safe and sound, the plates are the best I've seen, and there should be a few more folks that will be sending orders your way in the near future. They are so far above and beyond in quality compared to what we can get in the US, but you don't know till you actually have them in hand.

Thank you!

Ross from Australia
MB data plates
Hi Robert

Plates just arrived. Fantastic job! Couldn’t be happier with your workmanship, well done. Great to have people like yourself in this world that go to so much effort to turn out high quality work and have it available to restorers worldwide. Have a great day. 

Regards Ross
Jody from the
Ford GPW
data plates and stencils
I received the plates and stencils, and everything looks fantastic!  Thanks for the quality, attention to detail, excellent packaging, and speedy turnaround.  People like you make this hobby great.

I definitely will recommend you to my peers, and I will be ordering from you again in the future!  Thanks!

-- Jody
Charlie from the UK
GPW data plates
Dear Robert

I received my beautiful data plates in the post today – many thanks!

kind regards
Jess from the USA
CJ-2A data plates
    The plates arrived this morning. Impressive  craftsmanship. I heartily recommend your service to anyone who wants the very best quality plates for their Jeep. Thanks again, Jess.
Bob from the USA
M38 data plates
After much research I chose Dataplates4u over all others for the data plates for my 1951 M38 jeep.  I worked with Robert to get an exact duplicate set of data plates for my 1951 M38.  This was done from photos of the original plates.  I would recommend anything Robert produces to anyone in all departments of quality, communications, shipping, etc. +++++++++!!!!!! 
Nate from the USA I wanted to let you know that I received the plates and they are awesome! I compared them to my '49 3A's original plates, and I could not tell the difference. Thanks so much!
Greg from Germany Hello Robert!

Yesterday I received the plates.
Real great Stuff!!! Thank you very much, go on with this great work.

Keith from the UK  Hi Robert,

Data plates arrived today, and I am very, very  pleased with them. I would definitely recommend you to anyone !

Best regards Keith
Jean-Micheal from France  Hello Robert,

Thank you for your work is really superb job.

you are Proffessional and I would tell my friends.
Mitchell from the USA  Robert -

The plates arrived today and they are beautiful.  I would even say they are so beautiful, they were worth the wait.

Thank you so much for providing this unique service and the quality of your work.

  - Mitchell
Graig from Australia Hi Robert,

the stuff arrived yesterday afternoon. Its totally brilliant.  Fabulous quality (and great service)
thankyou so much.

cheers, Craig
Michel from France Hello Robert

I just received the dataplates, they are superb, a real work of professional.
thank you.

Richard from the UK

Good afternoon Robert 

my data plates arrived today and they are fantastic many thanks.
I can now see why everybody recommends getting data plates from you .
many thanks again and have a merry Christmas

Regards Richard

Janvier from Spain

I received your plates today and are, simply, IMPRESSIVE. Thank you!!!!!! Superb job!!

Richard from the USA Robert,  I have received the data plates and they look great!  Count me as another more-than-satisfied customer!  Thank you very much.  Richard
Sandro from Italy Good morning Robert,

I received the parcel and congratulations for the perfect job, fast delivery, proper packing. Let me say that you deserve the title of “Jeep data plates Master” 

Congratulation again and best regards 



Bill from the USA

Hello Robert,

Just to let you know I have received the dataplates today.  They are fabulous! - you have truly exceeded my expectations! Thank you for offering such a high quality reproduction at such an affordable price.  I will highly recommend you and your products to my fellow Jeep friends.

Robert Oliver from Perth Western Australia
Robert, I have received the data plates. They are absolutely stunning and I congratulate you on a very professional High quality job. I have fitted them already and as you say they compliment the restoration.
Thanks again, I have no problem recommending and will be using your services again in future.. 
Best wishes, Robert Oliver
Adam from the UK Robert, the plates arrived yesterday and look superb. I am impressed that you went to the trouble on stamping the DOD on a slight slant like the closely numbered original you included a picture of; its only a small detail but these things make a difference, many thanks, and I look forward now to fitting them and restoring that part of our Jeep's character, many thanks, Adam
Randy from the USA

 I received the GPW data plates and as always they are excellent.
Thank You for the great service You provide.
Dale from the USA

Hi Robert! 

Received by data plates a few days ago. They look Great! 

I’ve already attached my GPW plates to the glove box door. 

Thanks for all you help with all the plates! 

Will have a few more in the future and will be getting in touch with you. 




Dexter from the USA
Hi Robert,

I received the plate yesterday. Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful!

Claus from South Africa



I got the plates. Wow!!!!!.......They truly are high quality reproductions. Thanks for the good packaging they arrived unharmed.

Can’t thank you enough.


Best Regards



Frank from Norway This was clearly the best reproduced data-plates I have ever seen!
Totally amazing! Thank you so much!

Best regards
Mario from the USA Just received my data plate for the MBT, the tag is nothing short of wonderful, great work. I'll pass on your info to other collectos of military vehicles.  Thanks!
Didier from France Hello Robert,
I received safely the package this morning. Well packed !
All the items are of a high quality and very well documented. Very nice job!
Many thanks for all.
Best regards.
Steve from the USA
Hello Robert,
I received the data plates today.  Absolutely beautiful work!  I am totally satisfied with how they turned out.  Thanks for "bending" the generator plate.  I was a bit worried about how to shape it myself.
Thanks again,
Barnii from the Czech republic  Hello Robert,

Today I received a shipment from you. Absolutely excellent work  are real beautiful. I am very glad that I have on my Jeep. Thank you very much for your help.

Best regards

John G. from Australia Robert, plates received yesterday. Just a big thanks for an excellent set of plates. You really have a skill!
John from the USA Hello Robert,

I just received the CJ-2A data plates today.
Sean was right. These are magnificient! It's as though you found a secret stash of NOS plates.
Plus I was very pleased at your care in duplicating the slope of the original lettering. A wonderful touch.
They are more than I expected. Even the fonts you chose are better than the reproductions I have.

Thank you so much. I will be recommending you to all I can.

Gerard from England
Hello Robert. Wow, You are the Master Craftsman.
The data plates arrived this morning and they are spot-on perfect.
Thank you my friend, Great job.
Kind regards.
Gazel from the USA I just got the data plates yesterday, and they look great but honestly from your examples online I figured they would look great. The thing that really knocked me off my feet were the hood stencils they look great, and I never thought I would be able to find one as close to factory as this.
Jean from France

I have just received my dataplates. What beautiful objects. Plates are reproduced exactly with magnificent stamps. They are as high as the comunication with you Robert, the great manufacturer. Thank you for this indispensable complement to a maid restoration of jeep. - °IIII °-

Joe from the USA Hello Robert,

Data plates arrived today.
They are excellent, the best I've ever seen!
I will recommend you to all my Friends.
Thanks for your quick service and attention to detail.

Mark from the USA
Hello Robert!
I received the data plates for the CJ-2A last week, and they are already installed.  I don't know what to say, except that they are perfect!  The most outstanding example of quality work that I have ever seen!  Absolutely beautiful!  You have a great skill.
Thank you again, so very much.
Best Regards,
James from the USA

Hi Robert,
I received my data plate late last week.  Beautiful work!  I am extremely pleased with it – it will be the crowning touch to my CJ2A restoration.
Thank you,

Trent from Canada
Thanks Robert.
The plates arrived today. They are fantastic. You definitely do great work.
I'm amazed at the level of accuracy you strive for.
I'll definitely be ordering from you again in future.
Thank you again. Take care.
Frederic from France Hi Robert,

This to let you know that the plates did land at my door today... They are even better than what I was dreaming of! Even the packaging is first class... You do have a very happy customer.

Thanks again,

Pascal from France
Dataplates arrived in france today,
very very nice parts !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you, see you later maybe for another order
Lloyd White from the USA
(Lloyd is a well known Jeep expert in the USA)
"The plates are excellent and I could not ask for them being any nicer"
Lee from the USA
    Received the plates today and they look great.  Thanks much.  Hope we
can do business again.
Sean from the USA
"Robert from Dataplates4u makes the absolute best plates on the planet."
(Quote taken from the message board)
Scott from the USA Hi robert.  The data plates arived today . and there perfect. thank you very much. Scott.
Glen from Australia

Dear Robert

                Well mate the Plates arrived Friday, WOW what can i say that, already hasnt been said, Outstanding love them just what I was after, and the time it took to get to me was fantastic, I hate waiting for Mail, you have outdonr yourself in every aspect, cant wait to order all the Stencils, Stand Bye!

                                  With The Warmest Of Regards


Patrick from the USA


I received the plates and latches and wanted to let you know how pleased I am with them. 
Both items were exactly as advertised, wrapped carefully and are a true masterpiece. 
I wish all reproductions were made with such attention to detail...your Data Plates are simply spectacular! Thank you for investing your time and money to make this hobby better.

- Patrick
Ross from Australia
Hi Robert,
                   Just a note to let you know the data plates arrived today. Good job, they look great, much better then the standard reproduction data plates. Thanks again for the data plates & stamping.
 Regards Ross.
David from Spain
Hello Robert, 
I received the plates yesterday. They are EXCELLENT. Thank you very much!!!
Wolfgang from Austria
Hallo Robert ! 
Plates arrived today. 
EXELENT PLATES - PERFECT SERVICE  -  Best Thanks from Austria !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Aaron from the UK Hi Robert,received your package on saturday. Fantastic plates just perfect and the photo of the original shows just how well your product is reproduced .Thanks again.
Luigi from Italy

Hi Robert, 

thanks so much for everything!! 

As soon I’ll place another order to you..! (Your dataplates are the best!!!) 

Best Regards,


Georges from Luxembourg 

Hi Robert;

Just received your registration number stencils this morning, they look amazing!  

If I would have to quote in general for your services on a list from 0 to 10, I would rate it at 10 of 10 possible points, packing 10, execution of art work 10, historical correctness10, and instructions-hints for applying 10, paint color scheme recommendations 10.  

I wish you as many satisfied and happy customers as I am personally.  

I can only strongly recommend your services to the whole jeeper’s community (guys don’t look anywhere else)!  

The most distinguished and very best regards from an old, really enthusiastic “Jeeper”;  

Brian from the USA Dear Robert, Just wanted to say thanks for all your help and to also tell you how much I like my data plates.  They are absolutely perfect and my jeep will be so much more complete now!  It was definately a vital missing piece that totally sets it all off.  Thanks!!!   Look forward to doing business with you in the future.  Also, nice packaging job!!! Take Care.  Sincerely, Brian, Arizona U.S.A.
Roland from Austria
Hello Robert! 
Got your dataplates for GPW209xxx just yesterday.
Really amazing!!!!!! I expected high quality plates,
but these are 120%! Keep up your excellent work! 
David from France Gotta join in the crowd in thanking Robert for his plates.
Recently received mine - they were perfect.

And as a graphic designer I appreciate the detail in getting the type right. I compared them to the old replacement ones that the previous owner had fixed to the glove box through the wrong holes - no comparison.

Cheers Robert

David Vollborth
gale from the USA
Robert, got the plates a few days ago, thanks,  they look great 
Rune from Norway
Hello Robert
I have get the Nomenclature plate and the screws today and then I have it all,
I am verry happy with your work and I am sure my friend will be to.
It was nice of you to send the copy of the other number and the D.O.D.
I will get back next year to bye some more from you.
Joe from the USA Dear Robert,
I received the data plates yesterday. They arrived in great shape and are excellent as usual. As soon as I figure out the hood numbers, I will contact you for the stencils.
Thank you,
Steffen from Norway Hi Robert.
Plate is here and as always, perfect job.
I love your work man:-)
Rune from Norway
Hi Robert
I got caution and shift plates yesterday.
They look very nice.
Regards Rune 
Emiel from the Netherlands Inmiddels in goede orde ontvangen, ziet er keurig uit,
hou de kwaliteit zo!
Michael from the  USA Robert, I received my 2A data plates today, a very fine example of the originals, and an exquisitely nice job to detail in the fonts !!!  I shall put the word out on CJ-2a websites of your quality of workmanship :) and in the coming weeks, I will once again be contacting you for a repeat service of my newest 2A....#31xxx .  Again, thank you for a job well done!!!  Michael
Morten fron Norway 28 november 2006

Dataplates arrived, just beautiful – thanks.
Med vennlig hilsen / Best regards


Felix from Germany
I recieved my dataplates and they´re outstanding! Great work, thank you so much! 
I can´t wait to put them on my jeep! But that will take some time I guess.... 
Thank you so much! Couldn´t be better!
Chris from the UK

Hi Robert,

The plates arrived today...really,really nice thanks alot..I will have no hesitation recommending you to anybody who wants quality plates made up..

I have just purchased a trailer and if I need plates for it I will be straight onto you..

Thanks again Chris
Martin from the USA

Greetings Robert, 

 I received the plates today.  They look fantastic!  Thanks again. 


Joe from the USA Dear Robert, 

The plates arrived yesterday. They look great and the stamping looks perfect. The mini plates are really neat .
Thank you,

Jerry from the USA

Hi Robert, 

I recieved the plates today.  I am very impressed!  You don't need me to tell you this, but your plates match my originals with 100% accuracy!  I'm sure that the original data plates would have looked exactly like these when originally placed on my jeep.  The stampings are perfect in every detail.
Thanks very much!
Michael from the USA Robert, I received my 2A data plates today, a very fine example of the originals, and an exquisitely nice job to detail in the fonts !!!  I shall put the word out on 2a websites of your quality of workmanship :) and in the coming weeks, I will once again be contacting you for a repeat service of my newest 2A .  Again, thank you for a job well done!!!  Michael
Morten from Norway

Dataplates arrived, just beautiful – thanks. 
Med vennlig hilsen / Best regards

Morten E. F. 

Felix from Germany

Hi I recieved my dataplates and they´re outstanding! Great work, thank you so much! 
I can´t wait to put them on my jeep! But that will take some time I guess....
Thank you so much! Couldn´t be better! 

Chris from England
The data plates are really,really nice thanks alot..I will have no hesitation recommending you to anybody who wants quality plates made up..
I have just purchased a trailer and if I need plates for it I will be straight onto you..
Thanks again Chris
Richard from the USA Robert,

Received the plates today and they are perfect!! The plates are all I expected and what they say about your plates is true....they are by far the best I've seen!
They arrived a lot sooner than I expected too. Great work and fast service too.

Roland from Austria
Hello Robert! 
Got your dataplates for my GPW just yesterday. Really amazing!!!!!! I expected high quality plates, but these are 120%! Keep up your excellent work.
Geoff from England
Hi Robert,
Just a note to say I received your data plates this morning. And what a brilliant job you made of them !!!!!!!!!!!!
I would personally like to thank you for doing them. It is to the finer details that can make or break  a restoration as  well you know.
And your plates do make the perfect finishing touch, certainly I could never have done them anywhere as nice as you have, I guess it`s everyone to their own skill.
As regards the costs involved, all I can say, I don`t know how you can do it for the price when you take into consideration the initial costs of the plates themselves and the time involved.
Thank you once again.
Regards Geoff
Emil from Sweden

Hello Robert!
Exellent work!!! I did buy me a set for my Ford GP and a Ford GPW 1943 and i did buy some trailer dataplates too.
And they where very nice!!!

Thanks! Best regards
Emil, Sweden

Josep from Spain
Hello Robert,
I received the plates today. They are really beautiful, very detailed. Definitly the best I ever seen. A great artistic product as a result of your own research, and very carefully packaged. Thanks, I appreciate your care.
 Best regards,
Ashley from the USA I just received my plates.  They are great!  Thanks for doing such a good job!  I look forward to working with you in the future.
Jon from the USA
Robert,  I just received my data plates,  one word----  PERFECT!  My thanks to you for providing this product and stamping also.  Now to rivet them to my glove box...   I will be placing another order for plates for my MB later this year.   Regards to you and with much appreciation,  Jon
Bill from the USA Vincent van Gogh, Rembrandt van Rijn, Robert de Ruyter - world renown Dutch artists!  I received the dataplates yesterday and they look great.  I hope my jeep does them justice when it's done!
Paul from England
Hi Robert,
I received the plate this morning. It's brilliant, thanks very much. I'll be getting this fitted in the morning.
Thanks for an excellent product.
John from Scotland
Hi Robert, 
Recieved plates this morning they are a work of art.

Cheers for now                                                    
Doug from the USA
Robert, you did a great job with your plate! it was packed very well and looks sharp! thanks Doug
Robert from the USA
I got the dataplates today. They are beautiful. You are really to be commended on doing such a fine job.

Chuck from the USA

Hi Robert: Wanted to let you know I received my data plates today. I couldn’t be happier. They are absolutely 100% perfect. Thank you so much for the excellent work. 

Regards Chuck
Ian from England

Hi Robert, just wanted to say how pleased i am with the plates,they are 100% superb.I have owned my jeep for 18 years now and your work and knowledge on jeep plates is fantastic.After 18 years i now feel my jeep is complete.Thank you Ian 
Marc from England I was talking to one of the "dealers" at Beltring who carries Roberts plates in the UK and he was saying that since Robert made him up a glove box door with examples of his plates on he has found them easy to sell, they are a little more expensive than "standard" plates but the quality and correctness of them make them a "nobrainer" when you have just spent $10,000 + on a restoration.
Howard from the USA I ordered a set of reproduction data plates from DATAPLATES4U in the Netherlands at and they arrived yesterday. The quality of his work is astounding. He has put a great deal of research and effort into his products and he can exactly match your vehicle for make and DOD. Even his packaging is perfect, all done by hand, and reflects his comittment to quality. Reproduction attaching hardware is also availiable. I can recommend him highly.
Chris from the UK wrotes; see
Bill from the USA I actually had guys convinced that Robert's plates were originals in very, very good condition. I told them they were repops and from Robert and one guy didn't want to believe me. You will not be sorry with his plates.
Tiger from the USA: Greetings Robert, I got the data plates that you sent, I am very impressed. Thank you for a meticulus reproduction job. 
Jon from Australia: G'day Robert,
It arrived this afternoon. Perfect !.....I'm absolutely thrilled to bits...
Grant from the USA Got the plate, looks fabulous!  Thanks, Grant 
Greg from the USA Hi Robert,
I got the dataplates yesterday, and they look perfect!  Thank you very much, and I'll be sure to let everyone know where I got them.
Best regards, Greg
Jeff from the USA Robert,
I received the data plate yesterday and wanted to thank you for a wonderful job.  It looks very good and it's stamped just liked I wanted it done!
Thank you again, Jeff
Bob from the USA Hello Robert, the Data Plates arrived today,.....they are very very nice.
Svenn from Norway Thanks for the stencils, and the dataplate...looks great!!!
Don from the USA Robert, The plate arrived today and its perfect! Thanks again for all your help, Don.
Michael from the USA
I received the plates and they look great!  Thank you for helping us all restore restore these "beasts" back to their original look. 
Thank you, Michael
Roger from Sweden Hello Robert,
Received your your package yesterday, WOW, the plates and the latches was even better than expected.  Also the package with info and the nice label inside each bag was excellent!!
Marc from France Dear Sir,
Thank you for your beautiful productions!
Eddie from the USA ....I just wanted to let you know I was extremely impressed with the quality. I was surprised that the letters are slightly raised just like the original. I just assumed they would be painted.
Thanks Alot!!
Richard from Australia Hi All,
Received my GP data plates from Robert.
He does a really great job.
If you order a set make sure he stamps them with your original delivery date and serial number. On my set when compared to the original set you can not pick the stamping a part.

Keep up the good work Robert.
Brian from the USA Got my data plates from robert today, they look great! thanks
Dean from the USA Hello, Robert I received and installed my new data  plates and frame tag yesterday,I am very pleased with the  high quality of the plates and stamping I requested.Very secure packing also.Thanks Dean 
Maury From the USA Robert -

WOW.... it is easy to see why jeep people say you are The Best.....the plate is beautiful!!!!
Larry from the USA Hi, Robert;  I received the plate today and am truly impressed with your workmanship!  Many thanks for reproducing this item.  I have been waiting for 31 years to get one for my BT-3C trailer! 
Bill from the USA Hi Robert,
Received the dataplates yesterday ,  You did a fabulous job.   Thank you very much,  Bill
Frank from Norway

Thanks Robert.

The plate look sooooo Gooooooooooood! I can`t wait to put it on Jeep